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A Brief History of Cloisonne Lapel Pins

Cloisonne or “Hard Enamel” as it is formerly known, was first given to the Chinese by Central Asian missionaries in the 14th century. The Chinese practiced the art of making cloisonne lapel pins and developed it to a high standard. And it has became the benchmark by which all other lapel pins are measured.

How had the Chinese managed to fine-tune this remarkable lapel pin art form so quickly? Their understanding of casting coppers and bronze metals had a lot to do with it. But their ability to control the firing temperatures of the lapel pins is what made the difference and gave them the advantage. The success they had developing and refining the manufacture of cloisonne lapel pins was just a natural progression of the skills they already had.

How Cloisonne Lapel Pins Are Manufactured Today

Centuries later, Pin Promotions is still practicing the fine art and applying it to our own cloisonne lapel pins. As with many great art forms, few of the fundamental processes have changed. Today our cloisonne lapel pins are die struck from a copper bronze surface, then hand-filled with a glass-like mixture. The lapel pins are then fired in a kiln. Once done, more color is added, and then the pins are fired again. This two-step process ensures bleeding of colors does not occur. Next, the cloisonne lapel pins are individually hand polished and plated with either silver or gold.

Cloisonne lapel pins are popular because of the kiln firing. The kiln firing of the glass mixture ensures a hard and durable finish that can last for many years. Separated, bold designs are the best choice for cloisonne lapel pins, as the stamping and hand polishing processes can sometimes obscure the fine detail.

The Benefits of Cloisonne Lapel Pins

Cloisonne lapel pins have the greatest percieved value and a jewelry like finish. They are the highest quality lapel pin we manufacture and are best suited for achievement awards, employee recognition programs, grand openings and important events.

All of our cloisonne lapel pins come with an 8mm post and rubber or butterfly clutch attachment. You may choose up to 7 colors for your design. And additional colors are available at $0.05 per lapel pin. All cloisonne lapel pins are individually poly-bagged in small zip lock bags. Superbly designed presentation cases are available for an additional $0.35 per lapel pin.

$2.68 $2.13 $1.57 $1.30 $1.21 $1.14 $1.06 $0.96 $0.81 $0.72
$2.71 $2.19 $1.67 $1.38 $1.25 $1.21 $1.16 $1.02 $0.92 $0.82
$2.82 $2.28 $1.76 $1.45 $1.32 $1.25 $1.21 $1.06 $0.96 $0.92
$3.07 $2.54 $2.02 $1.54 $1.45 $1.40 $1.33 $1.15 $1.00 $0.96
$3.32 $2.75 $2.35 $1.85 $1.75 $1.67 $1.60 $1.39 $1.25 $1.21
$3.59 $3.09 $2.60 $2.10 $2.00 $1.92 $1.86 $1.65 $1.50 $1.46
Minimum Quantity: 100 pcs
Free artwork & design with unlimited revisions for every order.
5-7 Day Production Time (7-10 Day Total Turnaround Time)
Free air shipping within the continental USA
Free Mold with every order.
The following platings are included free of charge: High polished gold or silver, black, black nickel (gunmetal) or copper. Please add $0.10 per pin for antique finishing.
Up to 7 Colors Included (additional colors: $0.10/ea)
Butterfly or Rubber Clutch included. Additional fees may apply for upgraded attachments.
Individually Poly-bagged free of charge. Additional charges may apply for Acrylic cases, cardstock, velvet cases or other upgrade packaging.
A pre-production sample can be produced for $150.00 (7-10 day turnaround time)